What we do for you...

Allow travellers to reward your company with measurable savings and tighter policy compliance. TravelWise consistently delivers travel services and online tools that help organisations reduce and redefine the value of their travel programs.

Realise the potential...

Save money and influence people. Reducing travel expenditure is recognised instantly and has a positive influence on your organisations strategic goals.

Make your travel program work for you and turn it into a competitive advantage not a drain on your profits. Work with your TravelWise team, to identify best practices, leverage preferential deals or consolidate spend and start saving straight away.

Utilise TravelWises' expertise and design a winning strategy for your travel program that will deliver both short and long term savings.

Our experienced team of industry professionals are able to guide you on best practices and identify the best solution for your requirement.

Enjoy the TravelWise Difference...

Be assured you will enjoy an unrivalled customer experience whenever you require assistance. TravelWise Consultants have an average industry experience of 21 years and can be contacted via a direct telephone number, email and instant messaging during normal business hours.

Our consultants manage the entire enquiry, including extensive, executive itineraries, reserving preferred seating, after-hours care and every thing in-between!

Through their attentive approach and eye for detail, they are aware of changing travel patterns and preferences and provide a highly personalised service to all your travellers.

Travelwise operates a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008

Our rapid response times are unequalled, but don't take our word for it, send us your enquiry and put our rapid response guarantee to the test. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR ITINERARY.

Lets get Started...

Implementing a new travel service with TravelWise is fast and hassle free. We take care of everything. Our account managers follow a tested methodology to gather all the information required for a successful launch including fare loading, training, marketing material, process testing and co-ordinating the launch.

At the Touch of a Button...

TravelWise Consultants and customers alike have access to the latest travel technology. Our consultants utilise leading industry systems to navigate a huge amount of travel content and inventory from a universal desktop. Our systems monitor traveller profiles, policy parameters and identify preferred suppliers. Policy violations and new savings can be identified at the point of sale. Adjustments can be made to your program to help generate greater savings or hit specific targets.

Analyse any aspect of your travel program by individuals, specific projects suppliers or departments. Reporting tools allow your account manager to deliver relevant, business critical data that can be used to drive further savings across your program. Our analysis and reporting tools are designed toenable you to concentrate on the quality and content rather than the production process.

Travellers have access to online itineraries and can see changes and amendments in real time along with passport & visa requirements and the latest information specific to their destination.

Work with the Experts...

Allow your travellers to focus on their jobs, not the finer details of travel planning. TravelWise have built a reputation for providing travel solutions, specifically for business travellers.

We go beyond the basics of finding you the best flight or hotel deal; it's our job to handle any situation or request relating to your travel program. Travellers and travel managers can count on TravelWise to provide a fast, flexible service, which is easy to use and accessible. Our business travel consultants are highly trained with an average 21 years industry experience.

Our rapid response times are unequalled, but don't take our word for it, send us your enquiry and put our rapid response guarantee to the test. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR ITINERARY.

Logical Travel, at the Best Price...

Release your workforce and give them the tools to find convenient, cost effective itineraries wherever they need to travel. Provide your travelling employees with access to a vast array of travel content including over 9.5 million privately negotiated air fares, exclusive hotel inventory, international and creative ticketing services plus millions of published fares.

But we don't stop there. Our reporting systems allow your account manager to constantly monitor every aspect of your managed travel program. They can easily identify additional saving opportunities, productivity, service levels, process and supplier negotiations.

Our account managers are vastly experienced and knowledgeable travel professionals. They help to identify what works and what doesn't. They are your single point of contact for the strategic direction of your travel program.

Using industry benchmarks and best practices, alongside years of experience, our account managers are able to improve travel policy compliance, increase vendor usage and uncover savings opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Travel Information...

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